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Germans just stare. Get used to it, ignore it, or play along. Here's an idea, learn to stare back. If they break eye contact first then give out a whoop and say, 'I win'...'In Your Face'...do a victory dance...If you do that, I would recommend a bit of churning butter movement, that always goes over well. I would probably pay to see that. I. Germans have a staring problem. Either the grandma on the first floor is watching your every move or the guy across from you in the subway can't turn away. You'll have to learn to live with it One of the things in this thread was the often quoted Germans stare thing. Then someone asked what that means, and the explanation was: it means [in the anglosphere] you make brief eye contact and then look away. Germans just keep staring and give no fucks. Which again raised for me a question that I've often had when this was discussed, only, just like this time (the thread is 2 days old.

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Of course staring is considered rude in Germany. This is a biological rule. Even with animals, fixating a counterpart is the way to start a fight. What may differ between cultures is the point when looking at someone (or just in a direction) is regarded as staring There's a rumor going around that Germans stare. Is it true? So my question for you is: Okay, I have so many questions here! First of all, have you noticed t.. Why do Germans stare at different people? I have traveled a great deal and have noticed that Germans stare at people who are different more than any other country that I've ever been to. I'm also from a European country, and this behavior would be considered extremely rude and offensive where I'm from

The Germanic Stare Down: Watcha Lookin' at, Granny

They do not mean to intimidate anyone, they do not mean to flirt. They do not mean to stare you down. It's not a matter of dominance at all. People on the bus just look at you the same way they'd look at the goddamn seat pattern if your seat was empty. Deal with it. Most Germans, when on the receiving end of the stares don't even notice. If you. Germany is a nation of starers. Germans stare at you... well, all the time. On the streets, in the underground, in restaurants, in shops - everywhere. There isn't a single refuge from being stared at (maybe the cinema, but just because it's dark). And I really really don't like it! Why do they stare? You could of course give it a flattering spin: Be glad they're staring at you, it means they. The withering look is something Germans are famous for. We learn it in Kindergarten or from our mums. If you have been at the receiving end of it, you have done something wrong. A German doesn't shout at you, and he doesn't say Sorry like an E.. They are prone to reject any guy that hits on them and that's also why the German guys are shy. But also some girls don't like their male friends to flirt around with others and much less if you are a foreigner traveler. You'll have to work hard! Try to catch him far from the group, when going to the toilet, for example. 4. If you are a stranger, it will be more difficult to be. Some creepy guys stare at woman because they have never seen anyone like her before Some men who are unaware of the modern ways or are uneducated do not have the proper manners and sense to behave like a gentleman. They stare at a woman boldly if they find her too modern or too different from their clan. 16

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Germans, do you stare? I'm not trying to offend anyone here. I studied near frankfurt for a month, frequently using the train network. I was with an Aussie, South African and American. On trains we made sure we were not too loud, yet i found that some germans would give me a death stare, i know they did not mean any harm but is this a thing? if so why? There was one lady in particular, she was. So you're on the train and a cute guy keeps staring at you. Why do men stare at women? What is he thinking? 1) He wants to steal your money, phone and your jewelry 2) He likes you. Let's go with option #2 - it's more fun! I wish I could say that when you catch a guy staring at you, he is analyzing the odds of compatibility by using an algorithm more complex than what Google uses. But 25 Quirks Germans Don't Realize Are Super Weird WTF? -The rest of the world. by Karsten Schmehl. BuzzFeed-Redaktion, Deutschland . 1. You have to look at your poop. Every time. flickr. Stare back at them using binoculars. If staring was an Olympic sport, the Germans would win Gold every time. In places like the UK and the USA, staring at strangers for sustained amounts of time can get you yelled at, punched or even killed. In Germany, staring openly is something that just happens - like breathing, walking or developing a long and unnecessarily complex vocabulary (see belo Germans actually do have humor. I know, it's hard to believe, but Germans do have a great sense of humor, and they love to have a good laugh. It's just that non-Germans often don't understand what's so funny: German humor is built on blunt, seemingly serious statements, which become funny simply because of their context. It takes a while to get used to it - and mastering the German.

Even in this case too, the guy stares at many women other than you. His emotions: In most cases, he is neither attracted nor has feelings for you. He doesn't even care about your feelings or even talking with you. All he feels is that you are beautiful and wants to see your beauty as long as possible. Scenario 3: The Attraction staring Guy . In general when a guy stares you at regular. Why do guys stare at other guys? It kind of freaks me out, but lately alot of guys have been checking me out and even staring at me. Seriously, I was in line today and this dude kept looking at me, I was like Is this kid gay?. Then last week, I sat there waiting for the bus, and I look up and I see this guy staring at me. Excuse me, but aren't most guys homophobic or afraid to be called gay. Previous work has found that men, especially, give away their sexual thoughts with their eyes. The dilation of the pupil in response to sexual images, for example, can reveal sexual orientation reliably in men and in gay women, though straight women don't show such clear patterns. Studies have also found that heterosexual men gaze longer at pictures of women than of men, while heterosexual. Guys stare at women, check them out, eye them from afar because it's a driving force behind how their initial attraction triggers work. And it feels GOOD to experience that attraction so we want or sometimes can not help ourselves from doing it. More than 99% of the time, when a guy is staring at you it's because he sees something he likes

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G uys don't hide it very well, do they? Although some of them might claim to be masters at not getting caught, you know when a guy is staring at you and you're determined to know WHY they're doing it to you.. The answer is very simple. Guys stare at girls because they're feeling attracted to them.. Rarely will a guy check you out and stare if it's for reasons other than a strong physical. Why do guys stare at girls? Also can you please answer, How do I start talking to a guy who I haven't spoken to,and stares at me? His stared at me for over a year,but I've seen the girls he dates and I'm not like one of them but my mate said that he goes for personality,please help I would love to speak to him!! : Why do you like watching gay male porn? Melissa: For porn, my approach is [the] more cocks the better, so I gravitate towards gangbangs.Sometimes, it's refreshing to not keep seeing the same. We also typically do not become a mum or dad before we hit 30 to 35 as a German woman, or 35 to 40 as a German guy. Learn about compulsory German health insurance with TK here. 10. When you break. The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004) is a non-fiction work by Jon Ronson concerning the U.S. Army's exploration of New Age concepts and the potential military applications of the paranormal.The title refers to attempts to kill goats by staring at them and stopping their hearts. The book is companion to a three-part TV series broadcast in Britain on Channel 4—Crazy Rulers of the World (2004.

Why do guys stare at me if people say I am not that pretty ? Sorry if it seems a bit like a dumb question, people usually say I am cute but they don't say I am beautiful or pretty , while they keep saying how beautiful is my sister, for example today my mates said that they saw my sister and she is more beautiful than me , I know I should bhappy since she's my sister but I also felt bad. Do Adult Film Stars Ever Actually Climax On Set? Their Answers Might Surprise You . Ian Stobber. March 25, 2016 . Share Tweet Flip. 0. Shares. The Story. Everyone knows porn is fake sex. (You knew. Hess goes on to discuss why there aren't more guys like Deen in the male porn-star stable, and her findings tell us just as much about male viewers' hang-ups as they do about women's erotic.

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Why do some men feel aggrieved when actresses admit that they don't enjoy doing nude scenes? To listen to men carp, you'd think that viewing on-screen female nudity was a basic human right Well I know that guys appreciate the female form but why do they have to stare? Not all guys do this though, but there are a lot who does it. Are they not aware that they look like a perv when they do that? We women, don't stare when we notice a hot guy. We just glance and that's it. 1 response. trexhero. @trexhero (103) • 8 Jun 09. Its down to a lot of things. For one the female of the. If your dog gives you this stare, slowly back away, and do not continue the stare. Aggressive stares signal a behavioral problem. Seek consultation with your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist to correct this problem. In general, dog stares are a good thing and communicate positive signals between dogs and people. If a dog's stare takes a dark turn toward aggression, then it's time.

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Why do guys feel so compelled to go through all that when vanilla missionary is perfectly serviceable? It's simple: Guys see it as the perfect position. If a guy were making a doggy style pros and. I didn't think it was possible to be more unimpressed with Star Wars. Today, I stand corrected. If you were unfortunate enough to hear your stupid co-workers yammering on about Lucas' latest shit burger, you might have heard them saying something like I didn't like the first two, but this one was good! When I ask why, these people have trouble responding because it's hard to talk with George. A lot of fans wonder if what the cast of Moonshiners does is illegal. In fact, a lot of people ask: how do the guys on Moonshiners not get arrested? Th

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In Which I Return (Covertly) the German Stare

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Why are we fascinated by supervillains? Posing the question is much like asking why evil itself intrigues us, but there's much more to our continued interest in supervillains than meets the eye What does it mean when a guy stares a you and doesn't look away and he does every time you look at him? Asked by Wiki User. 3 4 5. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2010-04-29 21:18:33 2010. Du musst dich für den STAR WARS: Battlefront II-Newsletter registrieren, bevor du dein Objekt einlösen kannst. Du hast dich erfolgreich für den Erhalt von E-Mails zu Star Wars Battlefront II und anderen EA-News, Produkten, Events und Aktionen registriert. Du kannst dich jederzeit abmelden, indem du deine E-Mail-Voreinstellungen änderst Do you want to see gay guys in all their glory? Pride is the place for you! #Movies. Dev Patel Will Star in a 'Chippendales' Movie, So Dreams Do Come True! Dev Patel + male strip club film = our.

Rob Thomas | Official Site for Man Crush Monday #MCMJIll Starr Why She Felt So Safe on a Tivat Ferry: JillHOME Italia Sunday, April 5-1998-Buffalo,N

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What's up with the overtly hostile death stare that German

  1. When German shepherds attack unexpectedly, environmental, genetic and biological factors are responsible. The shepherd's intelligent, loyal and protective temperament makes it an ideal service dog, which is why the U.S. Department of Defense currently employs 2,300 German shepherds, reports the charity Kevlar for K9s
  2. Directed by Guy Ritchie. With Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran, Jason Statham. A botched card game in London triggers four friends, thugs, weed-growers, hard gangsters, loan sharks and debt collectors to collide with each other in a series of unexpected events, all for the sake of weed, cash and two antique shotguns
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  4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Staffel 1. Krieg in der Galaxie: Während die Jedi-Ritter auf Seiten der Galaktischen Republik kämpfen, haben sie es mit den Separatisten, unter Führung von Count Dooku, zu tun. Unter Führung des Großmeisters Yoda müssen sich Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker und viele weitere Jedi im Kampf gegen die.
  5. many of them were good to look at but i just don't have that feeling i do with asian guys. if i were raised in the mainland, probably i will be attracted to caucasians since the asians there are REALLY asian lol. Report as inappropriate. 11/21/2009. Kelly G. Honolulu, HI; 987 friends 296 reviews Elite '20; Maybe to make cute hapa babies !!! Report as inappropriate. 11/21/2009. Nick Y. Kailua.
  6. Why do stars twinkle? Answer: On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky. They seem to twinkle, or change their brightness, all the time. In fact, most of the stars are shining with a steady light

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